Undetectable Laundering With Internet Poker

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The information on this website is intended only for policy makers, law enforcement, and gambling regulators. Visitors are reminded that money laundering is always illegal regardless of the mechanism employed. Do not use to create or implement systems that could be used for internet poker money laundering or cheating.

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Laws of Money Laundering With Internet Poker

"The laws governing computer technology, like those of physics, are the domain of engineers not lawyers."

No internet poker website or its regulators can ever have as much control over a player's computer software and hardware and the environment in which they operate than the player himself or herself.

It is impossible to program a computer to tell the difference between a legitimate internet poker player making a simple mistake and a cheater or money launderer making a deliberate move.

The efficiency of an internet poker money laundering network increases as the number of logged-in players increases.